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There was a time, not so long ago, that the stereotype of a gamer as a nerdy kid who spent way too much time alone in his parents’ basement was not entirely unjustified. I know, because I was that nerdy kid. I’m pleased to report that the tired stereotype no longer applies. Today’s gamers are children, parents, grandparents. Doctors, firefighters, young professionals. They comprise every race, religion, and ethnicity. Thirty-eight percent of them are female. Video games have officially grown up, and as someone who has worked for nine years for various video game retailers in Omaha, I think it’s time the video game store grew up too.


My mission in opening Game Vault is to provide peerless customer service tailored to each customer, from the casual Wii player to the hardcore gamer, from the nostalgic Super Nintendo fan to the parent looking for an age-appropriate gift to delight his daughter. Our advertisements boast that Game Vault will beat any competitor’s price on used games, but we know it’s our superior customer service that will keep our customers coming back.


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